Here Be Dragons 2

A third of the way through and the story is evolving. I love it when your character goes off at a tangent leaving you wondering if they have a mind of their own…

So far though the characters have managed to find themselves in an abandoned city in the Yorkshire Dales… 


I’m writing… A lot. The next book on is the sequel to Here Be Dragons and it is coming along well.

So, I’m sat in my favourite corner of the Carmarthen campus of Trinity Saint David University, tapping at the keys of my laptop. The world of dragons, werewolves and gryphons is very real at the moment.

Llandeilo Litfest Writers’ Day: Workshops and talks for writers

I’m giving a talk… Scary but really looking forward to it. xx


Llandeilo Litfest Writers’ Day: Workshops and talks for writers

On Sunday April 30th our focus is on writer’s and we have a series of workshops ready for them:

Sunday April 30th at 11am at the Angel Inn
Rhys Milsom: Verse Poetry Workshopmnz1oure

Eventbrite - Verse Poetry Workshop with Rhys Milsom  £5,90 Poetry Workshop Rhys Milsom
Personal moments combined with the ongoing evolution or de-evolution of nature are the focal points of Rhys’ poetry. He will be using these themes in his workshop. Each participant will craft a poem of their own mindset and experiences.
Gweithdy barddoniaeth gyda Rhys Milsom. Bydd cyfle ichi fynd ati I gyfansoddi cerdd yn y gweithdy hwn.

Sunday April 30th at 12 noon at the Fountain Fine Art Gallery
Kate Murray: “Writing my way out of dyslexia” 

me2012Eventbrite - Kate Murray: “Writing my way out of dyslexia”  Admission is Free 

Kate Murray: Writing My Way Out of Dyslexia
Kate was told she would never write and at the age of twenty-four she…

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I’m fried… No really I am. Last week I managed to finish the first draft of The Gone 2 and get it to my editor. But that involved me doing 9000 words in one day.

I did it.

I was on a high for about three days and then…



My brain stopped working and all I could do was slump in a corner and dribble. Luckily it was Easter so no one really noticed. I think everyone thought I was on a chocolate binge comedown. It wasn’t pretty.

But this week I have been working on the formatting, editing and cover…

Wanna see the cover?


I know it is fuzzy but you can just bout make it out… Maybe this will be better:

the gone 2 cover

That will be the new book. It doesn’t look bad. I’m just waiting for the proof copy and trying to recharge my brain. Because that feels like it has been put through the wringer over the last week or so.

Inspired by the daily prompt – Fry


It hangs just covering part of my hand
Tickling and annoying.
I watch it for a time and then I can’t help it.
Pinching it I pull.
At first nothing seems wrong,

It unravels…
That piece of string becomes a rope.
It twists up in my hands
Knots and plaits
Until I can’t see what it was.

I had to though
I had to pick at the scab
Just in case I was healed.
What if I had and it had come off cleanly?
A clean break.

But it didn’t.
Instead I have a knot of our lives
And somewhere we sit
Our backs together, staring as the sun sets,
Wanting to stop but unable to.


Inspired by the daily prompt – unravel