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What’s been happening?

Well, of late, a lot. Which means of course, that I haven't been blogging. But then life can get in the way. The good news is that the colouring book for kids is almost ready... Just need a few more proof reads and then it will be hitting a shelf near you. Then there is… Continue reading What’s been happening?

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PT Barnum and the Greatest Showman

I don't normally write reviews, but this is something to do with my Ph.D. I want to show that environment has more to do with writing tales than people realise. There are spoilers in here so only read on if you have seen it. How does this equate to The Greatest Showman? Well, the cast that is… Continue reading PT Barnum and the Greatest Showman

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Cardiff – Commissions – Valentine’s

The weekend just gone I found myself in Cardiff alone while my other half was training... So I decided to hit the museum - again. I went to see the Victorian Gallery but it was closed. I wondered for a moment what to do but then I realised the Natural History section was open so… Continue reading Cardiff – Commissions – Valentine’s