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Which is better? Digital or traditional? I do both. In fact, they both take the same amount of time. But which is the better medium? I can't decide... Which is the better for resale? Do people even buy digital drawings? I'm planning a drawing but I can't decide whether to make it digital or traditional...… Continue reading Drawing

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Have I mentioned that I'm thinking about going for one? I have a masters in creative writing and I have found a project that I really want to study. Nineteenth Century industrialisation and disability... Sounds boring? It isn't. Imagine being about to interview the disabled from two centuries ago. There would be some that couldn't… Continue reading PhD’s

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Cardiff – Commissions – Valentine’s

The weekend just gone I found myself in Cardiff alone while my other half was training... So I decided to hit the museum - again. I went to see the Victorian Gallery but it was closed. I wondered for a moment what to do but then I realised the Natural History section was open so… Continue reading Cardiff – Commissions – Valentine’s