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Inktober – day 1

It's inktober and I find myself, once again, thinking of having a go... I know I always say that I will do a month and end up with only a few days, but this year I'm determined. So here's day one Poisonous

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There are prints on Etsy

Once I was going to keep the books and the art separate. The two would never meet, but lately I have seen more people using Etsy than any other platform... So I have popped the two latest artworks onto Etsy. Watchful Islands and The Swan have both landed... ETSY ...has it all handled so if… Continue reading There are prints on Etsy

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Cardiff – Commissions – Valentine’s

The weekend just gone I found myself in Cardiff alone while my other half was training... So I decided to hit the museum - again. I went to see the Victorian Gallery but it was closed. I wondered for a moment what to do but then I realised the Natural History section was open so… Continue reading Cardiff – Commissions – Valentine’s