Covers, Illustrations and Chapters

I am at that stage where I find myself working on Chapters for the same book I’m illustrating and designing covers for…


Well, as normal I find that there is a distinct possibility that I may not make one of my own deadlines. So, I have started orkig on more than just the writing of the book. When I get tired I swap to th drawing.

An yes I have a new toy… A Wacom Companion 2. It is a stand alone drawing tablet with a presure sensitive pen. And that is the bit I couldn’t be without. The rest I can work around, but the lack of being able to vary the line width as you draw is a hug no no. So the Companion 2 lets you do an excellent line. And the better news is that you can take it where ever you go. It’s portable. So, I can sit in a cafe and work on an illustration, no problem at all.

I have already noticed that I’m getting more work done. I am hopeful that this is an investment that will work.

Thank goodness the second hand ones are in my price range!

So the cover for Here Be Dragons 2 (imagine a spine for the book running down the middle).

cover 2

It’s Lucy, who you will know is a werewolf if you have read the book. And the writing? I’m a little over half way and still hopeful that I will make my self-imposed deadline.

It’s Raining…

… and that makes me a bit down. So I was wondering what I could do to cheer myself up.

At the moment I’m swamped with work. I’m writing the second ‘Here Be Dragons’ and drawing a Tudor colouring book, so I thought I’d give you all a sale as I’m not certain when I’ll be online and when I won’t.

On Artfinder I have a Rainy Day Sale that will be from tomorrow (17/05/2017) to the 31st May 2017.

artfinder may sale

And for Esty I have a coupon!!! Which means you add the code (RA1N1ING) when you checkout and get 20% OFF and order over £5!!!

esty coupon

So, I hope that cheers you all up. I’ve got a smile on my face. And remember that I have different products at the different shops. Artfinder is only original artworks, and Etsy is books, colouring books and cards.


Here Be Dragons 2

A third of the way through and the story is evolving. I love it when your character goes off at a tangent leaving you wondering if they have a mind of their own…

So far though the characters have managed to find themselves in an abandoned city in the Yorkshire Dales… 


I’m writing… A lot. The next book on is the sequel to Here Be Dragons and it is coming along well.

So, I’m sat in my favourite corner of the Carmarthen campus of Trinity Saint David University, tapping at the keys of my laptop. The world of dragons, werewolves and gryphons is very real at the moment.