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I am expanding the businesses borders.... I know have an Etsy shop! And I am aware that the link is tenuous but I thought it had to be done. And I have just spent 6 hours setting it up so I want to sing about it from the rafters! I have copies of the signed… Continue reading Territory

Masters tales · Miscellaneous


I guess lately I have been feeling a little depressed. Really this is just a symptom of what has been going on in my life. Last year ended on a low. Mind you I have yet to find someone who loved 2016... Mine was tough and every now and then I get a little down.… Continue reading Symptom



I love music... In fact it is a huge part of my everyday life. I even have playlists that remind me of people. They may not be what the people listen to but they are what I think they are like. Sometimes I think I ought to put a playlist together from peoples preference.... What… Continue reading Record