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“I was a troubled child, I didn’t fit in. I was subject to bullying, a social outcast. The kid who runs into the library at lunchtime because they have no one to talk to. That was me…”
“I didn’t learn to read until I was 11. But I could draw. I have always drawn. At first it was mice. I even sold them to classmates for pennies. Then I moved on to any animal and insect. I remember having a massive A2 sketchpad that was filled with huge drawings of spiders and centipedes. I drew everything. My school work was filled with lions and tigers, some eating, some drinking and others just staring out of the page. I’m guessing that my parents may have been asked to curb my enthusiasm, but how do you stop a child communicating when all they use are drawings?

Then at 11 I learnt to…

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There have been twenty five days in this year… That is all. Yet it feels like a lifetime since Christmas. I decided to list ten good things that are part of my life. Everything in the news is doom and gloom, in fact, some of what has happened to me has been pretty bad. But I’m going to ignore that… This is all about the good:

  1. I don’t need an operation! Due to trauma last year it looked like I might, but I don’t.
  2. I live on a smallholding with my parents and I never feel alone. Which is huge…
  3. I have met someone who has stood by me despite the bad. You know who you are…
  4. I am fitter and getting fitter. My weight may not be decreasing but I can climb the local hill without sounding like a traction engine.
  5. I survived anaphylaxis. I suppose that most would see this as a bad thing but for me it isn’t. I survived and it gives you a different look in life.
  6. I’ve laughed so hard this year already that I’ve had to run for the loo. Really… To give yourself over to laughter to that extent is freeing.
  7. I have so many friends that there isn’t day that goes by without someone wanting a chat. And for someone with aspergers that is pretty good.
  8. My business is gaining in popularity and it looks like it might just succeed.
  9. I made a dress and it looked good on!
  10. The veg patch that I designed and planted way back in the spring of 2016 is still producing.

There are more as well. The fact my art is evolving… That my writing is going well. It is all good. So this year I definitely think there are more things to smile about than not.

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On Saturday I woke at 4 am in anaphylaxis…

I have a tree nut allergy and I had come into contact with walnuts the day before. I had thought it was under control. It had felt bad but I was fine. Coughing a bit but my parents are both full of cold so I thought I was just catching their ailment.


I wasn’t.

I woke and the first thing was I couldn’t get my breath. There was a marble in my throat. It wasn’t where I normally get the swelling though. Instead it was very much lower. I opened my mouth the call out and nothing happened.

Either there wasn’t enough air to make a sound or my chords had swollen.

I didn’t know at the time.

It’s too low, I thought as I rasped another breath in. I turned on my light and listened for  moment as my chest gargled and popped in protest at being made to work.

I swung myself out of bed, all the time expanding my chest so that it would be forced to take air. Stumbling downstairs I went into the kitchen.

Now, my bran at this point wasn’t working. I felt as if I was at the end of a long tunnel and that I couldn’t find a way out. All the time, with every step my breath rasped out and in, like a traction engine.

I opened the medical draw and stared at it. I looked at the clock. I couldn’t take another antihistamine for about two hours. And I had been doubling them up already.

What I should have done is woken my parents before I went into the kitchen… I didn’t.

We live in a tiny house but right then it seemed like a mansion. I opened their door and wheezed. Dad woke Mum and everything started to turn.

We live in rural Wales. We are half an hour away from the hospital, and that is driving at the speed limit. The call was made to the out of hours doctor. They confirmed we needed an ambulance. Because we are in Wales the First Responders were called. These guys are the fire brigade and turn up so that you get help as quickly as possible.

And because Tregaron is tiny, I knew them. My dad had found an old inhaler and I’d taken a puff. It had opened the airway slightly and seemed to stop it getting worse, but it wasn’t getting any better either.

Then the First Responders arrived and put me on oxygen… The relief…

After that it was plain sailing.

The antihistamines worked and I took more. My oxygen saturation jumped to 100% and my heart rate lowered to 75. The fast paramedic arrived and did an MOT and told me I had to be careful for about 24 hours but I didn’t need to go to hospital. My voice came back.

I was okay…

But it could have been devastating. It still was, but in a different way.

Today, I’m tired and a little depressed but I’m well and here. Give me a couple of days and I will be my bouncy self.

Inspired by the daily prompt – devastation


I have a project on the go. In fact, it has been in planning for ages. But I have just not been able to decide on a theme. Until now that is…

I have booked myself into a fairytale fair so I have decided that my colouring book will picture popular tales and mythological creatures. So, I have designed one page, now I’m not saying that this one will make the final cut, but here it is…



I like it… What do you think? Is it aesthetically pleasing?

And by all means print this one out and have a go – and let me know if there are any problems.

Thanks all xx

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I’ve been lazy… I took a couple of days off to reassess what I needed to do. I found that there was one thing I hadn’t done! The artwork I have left over from Christmas was still languishing in a drawer…

I hadn’t uploaded it!

So today I have just done a marathon upload…

So they are now all on artfinder and I am taking a huge sigh of relief. I could give each picture a link but instead I’m just going to say

go here for the pictures

because I’m tired… and a little lazy.

Enjoy having a look at them. That was a huge marathon computer session…

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I think I’m capable. I think I’m practical. But at the same time I’m a creative and can spend the whole day working on something I have dreamed about.

Last night I met up with a couple of mates and I got talking with another creative friend. The odd thing is that although we make things for a living we actually live by a strict organisation rota.

For me, I have a white board that has all the days of the week on. I tick off what I do. It means I can keep track of what project is ‘hot’ so which one will get finished first. I love to keep track of things. It’s interesting so see how long I draw, write and blog for.

At the moment I seem to be doing at least one blog post a day… And the Gone is being eaten away a few words at a time, but the art is sporadic. Sometimes I do masses and sometimes none. It depends how the mood takes me.

What my whiteboard does do is shows me I am capable to juggling all the projects I have on the go. It means I don’t loose my way and that I can see how I’m progressing. Of course without my whiteboard I have a feeling that I would be adrift on the wind, not certain how anything was doing…


Inspired by the daily prompt – capable