Everyone is doing inktober… And I’m not.

Should I be though? Well, I already draw everyday so it seems silly to add more onto my plate. And those drawing are all digital at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong. I am doing a load of pencil drawings but they are for artwork that is due to be exhibited in a gallery. My digital stuff is different. My digital art I like to keep fun. I love drawing movies.

I’m a massive movie nut so I just love creating images that are from them. I also love drawing from historical and old photos. Take this one from the other day…


It’s using a new pencil brush on the computer. The original photo is an over exposed WWII image. So today I went on and did this one…


I’m loving the brush and this one is from Hamlet. But I still don’t think I can say that they can be part of the Inktober fest. Both are digital drawings. And I think you have to use a pen and paper to be official.

But I do love using an ink brush…


And sorry about the spiders… It is coming up to Halloween though. Anyone know the movie? And it is an ‘almost’ Inktober…


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