Tomorrow I am at a book fair and it is going to be a stressful one for me. Due to the way things lie I am going to be going alone. This will be my first book fair i have done on my own and I’m stressing big time.

It’s going to be easy – I know how to set out the stall and what to say. Hell, I know the books like the back of my hand. I have just finished cutting extra bookmarks and hopefully I won’t run out. Still I can feel the nerves making my stomach knot.

I just hope it goes well. The only really good news is that I know where I’m going.

Wish me luck…

At least I will know some people there and I have some friends who may turn up. So if you are passing – nip in and say hi. I’ll be the nervous shy one in the corner.



I had an experiment yesterday. About three months ago I bought Wacom tablet and moved into the world of digital art. I tried looking for a style and then I found something I loved doing. Something that not many artists do. The odd thing is that it is an exact copy of my drawing technique. Maybe I’m a little freer on the tablet than I am when using pencil, but that is it.

So yesterday the drawing prompt was ‘black and white’ which I typed into google. I had an idea and I wanted to see what was going to happen. Up to now I have tried to draw using a black pen on different coloured backgrounds… Like this one:


I love drawing stills from movies… So anyway, I decided to experiment by only drawing the highlights. So I picked a random photo that was good (I wanted to see this at it’s best), set the timer for 30 minutes and started to scribble…

I was finished in 20 minutes and it was rough… I could see my scribble marks but I loved it. I kind of wished I had chosen another photo so I could sell it but this was a first time out…


Now it was never meant to be anything but an experiment… But it has gone crazy on Facebook in the art group I am part of. Last time I looked it was up to 350+ likes. I’m a little shocked.

Today I took the next picture to the next level using a brush that simulates an airbrush…


So far – no likes. I think it is the subject matter. No one likes my cuddly centipede… All I need to do now is only draw lions. 🙂

It is all good practice though. I have noticed that my drawing with a pencil and ink is getting better as well as my digital art.

From the daily prompt – test

Most of my digital art is available in society 6 and zippi


I get depressed sometimes. Normally just as the bills come in but it is a quick fleeting thing and then I am back in the world of art or buried in the latest book I’m writing. It never lasts more than a week until something happens that will bring me out of it. It can be something someone will say or I a red kite flying in the sky. And poof – it is gone.

But I know people who have depression. This is a wholly different thing. Depression is a disease that is tricky to treat and never truly leaves someone. It isn’t like having to take a pill because of pain… It is more than that.

Yet those with it hide so brilliantly. They put up a facade.

If I’m sad then I look sad. If I am happy then I’m smiling.

But if you have depression then you have a facade that covers it. Everyone sees you happy but inside you are crying.

Yesterday the prompt for the art was ‘depressed hero’ and I drew this…


This man was and still is my hero. Robin Williams who hid behind a mask of laughter. I just wish he had talked to someone. If he had he might be making us laugh still. And I know that is a selfish thought.

But there are more than just celebrities who use a facade. I try to see past it, but sometimes they are like impenetrable walls. I just wish there was a way to cure depression. Until they do though – please talk to someone because you leave behind people you love. No one is better off without a family member or friend. They are what makes our lives bright and wonderful.

From the daily prompt – facade

Robin Williams isn’t available to buy but if anyone is interested then please let me know. He is a digital drawing but I can get prints made.


So far today has been disagreeable… I hate taking time out of my work – I love drawing and writing and the deadlines I have are slowly getting closer. In fact, some are not so slow in arriving. But today I had to go into town. I needed to see the bank.

Now I like my bank. They are nice to me… But today their ears must have been burning.

I traveled to Lampeter, about 25 minutes away, as it is the closest town with a bank. These are Welsh roads though. In our house it is a joke, there is no way the Romans got this far. Instead we have to contend with roads made from old tracks and drover ways. That isn’t too bad but they went around everything. Some of the roads I bet they even went around sheep. I love Wales and the roads but when you are in a rush it isn’t great…

So I get to Lampeter in the rain and find… the bank closed.


Yep – every Wednesday they are closed. Then my phone beeps. The latest payment to paypal has been ‘paused’ because it needs ‘checking’.


So I now have a paused payment (what does that even mean) and a cheque I can’t get into my bank account.

Today is being very disagreeable. But the optimist in me says it can only get better… I hope.

From the daily prompt – disagree



I have a couple of projects on the go but one of them needs to be complete before mid October. And it is going slowly.

It started when I was sorting a piece of artwork for a project… You must remember? It was this piece…


It was the first time I had folded Bristol board around a canvas…

That got me thinking and I found I wanted to do more work like that. I like the fact there is no glass between the viewer and my artwork. So I set out to start a new piece. One that meant I could focus on bigger pieces of art. Up to now I have been limited by what I could afford to get framed. But this meant I wasn’t limited by anything.

I had an old drawing. It was a year old and I didn’t know what to do with it… But with some thought I came up with Angst…


I think it works great. It is done using pencil and ink… That pattern was really difficult though.

But that brings me to the unfinished piece. I have even named it – Self-Portrait and Others – but it has stalled. Predominantly because of the rain. I need a dry day to spray the fixative before I can fold the board around the mini canvas. Each canvas is 7 cm square and they go to make up a whole. I love it but it is no where near finished…




From the daily prompt – Unfinished