Snow in April

I thought it was meant to be showers? It is April showers… right? Except we have had snow, hail and ice. Last night we were at -1. What?

I mean I’m used to Wales… I know that sometimes the weather can be tough. I mean last year the climate did nothing but rain. But this year I am stressed.

The tomatoes are in and the seeds. They are in the greenhouse and they should be fine, but we haven’t got any heating in there. Instead, the greenhouse warms up during the day and expels the heat during the night. We have popped down stones to help this happen. And so far it is working.


You can see that the tomatoes are a little ragged around the edges but they are doing great. Then there are the broad beans. They are outside… And the carrots.

So… The sad looking plants are are broad beans and the carrots… Well, they are just absent. The only thing growing in that bed is my bird scarer!

Still, after last year I had thought the soft fruit would have taken a bashing. But this year all the gooseberry bushes are covered in flowers. And they seem to not mind the temperature. I’m not sure we will have much in the way of broad beans though. At least not for a while.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the carrots.

The last third of a novel

I don’t write long novels, at least not usually but the one that is on the computer at the moment is turning out to be longer than I anticipated. So the question I find myself asking is whether to cut it and write it in two parts.

Normally I write books between the 60k and 80k word level. But this one is well on the way to becoming 100k. Is that wise? I mean it is a disaster novel not an incredible crime thriller. So, do I continue or wait until it feels right to stop and then start the second in the series. It could quite easily become a trilogy.

The pros of splitting the novel:

  • I get to slow down and take my time. If I write a long book then I find that I pick up the pace. Almost as if I try to finish it faster than I ought to.
  • I get to explore all the characters. I ought to say that the novel is fixated on two characters. But soon I want to introduce a third and more…
  • It gets to break up the reading. There are more short novels out there than long.


And it is a big but.

If I split the book then the likelihood is that I will have to self-publish and not go down the traditional route.

I know that is a completely different argument but the problem is that I feel as if I ought to try the traditional route. But at the same time I love the freedom that I get from self-publishing…. I just don’t know…

I guess I’m going to have to continue writing and see if anything jumps out at me. I hope it does…

Oh… And a big problem with traditional publishing… I got a refusal letter the other day from a publisher who asked for my book over a year and a half ago! I forgot they had it!

Why can’t these decisions be easier?


Started another pencil drawing that will wrap around a 20 x 25 cm canvas. It seems huge after the tiny one I worked on last week…


It is, or will be, some trotting horses. In Wales there is a lot of harness racing… I just hope I can capture the speed and urgency of the horses.