Easter is over

This Easter was a family and friends affair. I spent Saturday at the local Easter Fair that I had helped organise. It was fun. The only thing that put a dampener on the day was the weather.

Considering the Friday had been wonderfully bright and sunny, the simple fact that Saturday was cold, wet and grey made it somehow worse. The crowds didn’t come but enough people did to make the fair not seem like a waste. The stalls weren’t super busy but we all loved the atmosphere. My fellow organisers managed to do an inside and an outside egg hunt. Some did try the outside hunt, and they got soaked. I mean they were able to wring out their clothes.

We must have had a full months rain in the one day. It was nasty. But there was laughter and smiles. People came and had hot drinks. The kids were given Easter eggs and the competitions all had people taking part. We all had a good time.

Sunday saw the family turn up for a large meal filled with laughter and smiles. And a fair amount of chocolate. A good day.

Then on Monday we were back to the usual shopping and housework. So today I finally sat down to do some writing. I know I’d had a bit of a break due to the fair but I had estimated my word count on the book to me around 22,000 words. Well, today I topped 30,000. Now, I’m not sure how long the book is going to end up eventually but I can say that I am more than half way! Hopefully it will be finished in the next few weeks and then be out with the editor.

What about The Gone 2?

Well, that is almost half way itself. It is odd writing more than one book at the time, but now I feel I have to finish Normura before I can finish The Gone 2… But everything is coming together and it looks like two books are going to hit the market with only a few months between them. If that.

Well, you know what they say about buses… You wait a long time and then two come along at the same time. 🙂

Chapter 1.2

The next instalment of The Cracked Mirror. Robin is going to work but is she being followed? #amwriting #thecrackedmirror #shifterromance

The Cracked Mirror

Splashing water on my face I give my reflection one last look and then go back to the bedroom. Cassie looks up from her place on the bed but I don’t say anything. There is no point. She will be there in the same place when I get back.

“I’ll bring back burgers.”

She snuffles and lies back down.

Reaching for my uniform I change into the emerald green and straighten the tag proclaiming me a plant technician. I had always wanted to work with the outdoors and in particular plants but I hadn’t really thought that a nursery would be the way I’d go. Who was I kidding…? There had been no option. I needed a job to put food on the table. At least I was managing that, just.

Closing the door carefully I walk away and try not to feel resentment toward my sister. I’m certain that…

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Sharpened Pencils

It took me an hour to sharpen all the pencils. No really… You see twice a year I help organise local fairs. Here in Tregaron that means Easter and Christmas. Of the two I can safely say that the Christmas Fair is bigger, boasting more than 25 stalls and a free Santa. But the Easter one is just a difficult to create. We have a massive Easter Egg Hunt which is around the whole village and usually involves a map to show people where the route is.

People then go out and collect letters. What ensues is a load of parents going cross eyed at a word search trying to work it out. Don’t get me wrong, the first year it was super simple. But we had complaints that it was too simple. So we made it more difficult… And we always add something else each year. This year’s is a real problem… And I can’t help but give an evil grin.

We also have an egg box decorating competition and a colouring competition. The colouring one is completely free and there are eggs up for grabs to the winners. Anyway, we try to make it appeal to everyone. There are normally about 14 to 18 stalls as well, doing everything from vegetarian food to knitted baby hats. I have my own stall selling art and books.

It is just a fun day out…

Except the fact that every year I have to sharpen over 200 pencils for the colouring competition. I mean, we have wax crayons and felt tips as well, but most of the kids love to use the pencil crayons…

So, an hour later I’m done and my hands hurt. But it will be worth it. So if you are local, come along. If not then I hope there is a fair near you.

Easter Fair 2016 poster

Three times…

They say bad things always happen in threes and I can agree. So, after my stiff neck I developed a nasty cold. That I can handle. It means I don’t get much work done but it is okay. Then I went for a nap, in order to get over the cold.

My window was open a crack as the weather has become all spring like here in Wales. And the first thing that happens… I get bitten three times on my face. Yes, my FACE! I can’t believe it.

I’m also mildly allergic to insect bites so they itch like mad and get quite large. I’m resisting at the moment but damn… Can my luck get any worse?

There is a little bit of good news. I have managed to edit the first five chapters of ‘Nomura’. It’s looking good. Want to see a bit?

Okay, so this part of the story is Mel remembering Rob, her lover and friend…

The kettle whistles and I reach for my cup and stop. Instead I pull down Rob’s with its stylised picture of Elvis. I use his, putting my decaf coffee in and one spoon of sugar. I don’t usually like sweet things but right now I crave them.

Mixing in a dollop of whitener I watch the black liquid turn a grey brown. I can almost feel Rob looking over my shoulder.

“How do you do that?” he used to ask.


“Turn perfectly good coffee grey?”

“It’s a skill…” I’d say.

He’d just grumble and take the mug.

“I like the taste…” I’d argue but he would simply turn away.

“I’ll make the next one.”

Of course I will have to get used to my own coffee again. Somehow Rob had managed to get a wonderful mellow flavour. I’d miss that… I’d miss him.

My tear drops into my coffee and I watch it make rings in the surface. I wonder if it will improve the taste. I don’t suppose it will, but nor is it going to make it taste any worse. Rob had once stood behind me and watched me make a cup of coffee, directing all the time.

“Boil the kettle,” he’d said.

“Yes, sir.” But I had done as instructed.

“Put a spoonful of coffee in each cup…”

I did.

“Add the water…”

This I did with no spillage.

“Now add the whitener…”

We both watched as the coffee turned grey.

“What the?”

Rob had tipped it away and he had made the coffee but hadn’t stirred it. At the last moment he handed me the spoon. I took it and stirred.

We both watched the coffee turn grey. He had looked at me with horror in his eyes. “You are a witch.”

I’d grinned and he had laughed. Soon we both were as he had poured the second cups away and started fresh. I moved to help but he had taken hold of me, led me to the dining area, and sat me down.

“You are banned from making the coffee.”

Hope you enjoyed that snip it… I love writing it.


Chapter 1.1

The first chapter of the new serialised novel… Rachel and her twin are running, but they are losing hope of ever finding somewhere safe. #amwriting

The Cracked Mirror

I wake screaming and lie there panting looking at the same white scarred ceiling I had been staring at for the last six months. I hate it. I hate the water mark in the corner and the mould that seems to take hold no matter how many times I scrub at it. Sighing, I try to close my eyes again, I try to forget, but a low whimper pulls me back to the present. I turn my head and stare into Casey’s amber eyes. She stares straight back into mine, amber meeting brown in a tangle of pain and worry.

“I’m fine,” I say, but the look she gives me suggests that she really doesn’t believe me.

I look away and close my eyes again, except as I do I see the images that had made me scream. If only there was a way to stop them. I had tried…

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A pain in the neck

No, I mean really. I’m not sure why but at the moment I have a massively stiff neck. At first I thought it was a migraine but then it stuck around. Some mornings I would wake up with a slight pain and other mornings all I could do was hold my head and roll over.

Then yesterday I was in the shower washing my hair and something went twang in my neck. This wasn’t a small twang but a sensation that ran down my back and then to my head. I froze for a moment and then lowered my arms and relaxed my shoulders. To say that I creaked and cracked in that moment would be a lie. My bones and muscles made a noise. All I can say is ouch.

And then down the left side of my head… nothing… Which was a massive plus on pain. For the first time in four days there was no pain. So I rolled my right shoulder and something slid back and there was no pain.


I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was the two hours of driving or the fact I danced like a loon at tap only an hour before, but my body seems to be back in working order. I mean my neck is swollen and stiff but I am not holding my head all the time.

So as long as I keep moving there is no worries about me writing or doing all the normal stuff. I’m good and I’m fine. Now to play catch up. And to keep moving.

You may be wondering why my neck went goofy and all I can think is that it was a combination of stress, too much time on the computer, and me not listening to the signs. But I’m definitely listening now. Cos this week has been a massive pain in the neck!

How this works…

Yep… I’m doing it again. A paranormal romance this time. So, who want to hear a story? #amwriting

The Cracked Mirror

So this is a serialised novel, or will be, so you need to read it in order. I’m creating posts of around 800 to 1000 words each. They will run in chapters from 1.1 to where ever we end up.

Each chapter will be the first number, so the 1.? bit. The number after will be part of the chapter.

Hope that makes sense.

Basically read in numerological order, and enjoy.

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