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At the beginning of the year it felt like I had loads of time. I set myself some tasks that were a little ambitious, especially if you consider the problems I have with words in the first place. I do have a bad case of the dyslexia... It even hit last night while I was… Continue reading Time.

Dyslexic tales · Masters tales

Over-writing vs not

The last story I wrote I found that I had written far more than I needed. The result was that I cut huge areas of the story and submitted it to the competition. It was turned down and they sent feedback. Some of the problems stemmed from the names I had given my characters (an… Continue reading Over-writing vs not

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Unconscious characters and Vegetable Patches

Today my male character (I haven't decided whether he is a protagonist or an antagonist) slipped into unconsciousness. I ought to mention that he has been stabbed in the stomach and left floating in the sea for about five hours before being picked up by the heroine. So, whilst getting himself a drink of water,… Continue reading Unconscious characters and Vegetable Patches