Food allergies

Anaphylaxis and eating out

Okay, I've been asked to suggest how you can make eating out a pleasure and not a fearful experience if you have a food allergy. Or at least not make it a completely scary situation... These are just suggestions and only eat out if you feel comfortable. That is the biggest thing... You need to trust the… Continue reading Anaphylaxis and eating out


Autumn is here and I’m playing Russian roulette

I can tell autumn is here because the leaves are changing. They are turning from green to brown and red. Falling to the ground they are creating that carpet I used to love as a child, the one that you can walk through and hear. That crunch and crackle that would echo around the pavement… Continue reading Autumn is here and I’m playing Russian roulette


I have joined a guild…

I joined a guild… #art #illustration #eroticart

Kat's Art

The thought of a guild brings to mind Terry Pratchett and walking luggage… How could I not join?

Okay, I did um and ah over it. I mean, I’ve not heard of it, but as I dug deeper I realised that the benefits outweighed the risks, until I finally clicked on ‘join’.

So there we are… I am now a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists… I’m going to have far more opportunity to exhibit so I will keep you updated on what I’m up to. But until I do here is my guild page.


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