Because today is a sad day…

I was saddened to read that Cecil had died… That he had been hunted and killed. The problem is that it wasn’t done because he was a problem, or a killer, or that he had done anything other than be a successful lion. Instead, he was killed simply because he was a lion.

Maybe the hunter ought to have stopped and thought about it. Maybe the guides ought to have stopped and wondered at their actions.

They didn’t.

I wonder if they laughed and joked. In the photos they all seem pleased.

The problem I have is that if it hadn’t been Cecil, if it hadn’t gone viral, would the hunter still be sorry and would the guides be arrested? I’m saddened it happened and I don’t understand why it happened, but how often does it happen?

Why a lion? What purpose is his death?

So I pay tribute to Cecil and his companions. You see if Cecil had a pride, it will now be taken over by another lion. The problem is that lions practice infanticide. It’s so the head of the pride can further his own line. So upon taking Cecil’s pride (if he had one and I think he did) the cubs will be killed by the new male. The females will then become fertile quicker and the new king will raise his own cubs and not Cecil’s.

So that hunter has killed more than just Cecil.

It saddens me. I wonder if, as he posed over the body and smiled, the hunter knew this, or if he even cared…?


What must it be like?

Today I found myself wondering what it is like not to live without a mental disability. The last few days have been tough for me. My wonderful concoction of problems have been raising their heads and looking around. This means that I have found myself making silly mistakes, falling over and not wanting to socialise. Luckily I work in a shed at the bottom of the garden and the weather is so bad the door is closed, so I’m not sure anyone has noticed. Except my editor… she has noticed that her workload has got a little heavier.

But this got me thinking… What if I didn’t have a problem? What if I was the same as everyone else?

Maybe I would be an executive, or I’d work in a factory, or I’d be a banker (stranger things have happened). Instead, I’m an artist and writer trying to make a living. Am I succeeding? I think it is too early to tell.

Now, my brain is a weird thing. I know it and if you read this blog, then you know it too. So somehow my brain went from these musings to ‘The Gone 2’. Nope, I don’t know how either…

So, I have been thinking about ‘The Gone 2’ and I can safely say that it is in the planning stage. I’m thinking of killing off a character or two….

Who? you ask.

I’m not telling, but I think there is going to be a twist or two. Oh, and in case you were wondering, there is a book 3. How do I know? Well, while I was thinking and plotting I realised that I was actually plotting two books. If I squeeze it all into one then it is just not going to work.

Now I just have to come up with titles…

Oh… And write them. 🙂

Lino Prints…

I had so much fun doing these that I’m planning the next.


‘Stripes 1’
Lino print
14 x 21 cm


‘Stripes 2’
Lino print
14 x 21 cm


‘Stripes 3’
Lino print
14 x 21 cm


‘Stripes 4’
Lino print
14 x 21 cm

If you like them then send me an email. They are only for sale through me at the moment.

How to improvise…

So I decided to do some lino prints… Creating the blocks was easy. I had the kit and I simply carved the image I wanted.

Then came the logistics. First I needed a press – I don’t have one, and secondly I needed somewhere to dry them. I don’t have enough open space to lay them flat.

So, I sat and put my thinking hat on.

The press was easy. I have an old t-shirt press that could double as a printing press.


But the drying… I was stumped.

I wandered into the house and saw clothes pegs… A hunt through a drawer turned up rope and another hunt in another drawer gave me hooks.


hooks + string + pegs = drying line!

And it worked!


Happiness is Kate shaped!

Working on something a little different

I have a series of 4-5 drawings to do if striped socks. Now I had thought of drawing them all, but then something caught my eye in the corner of the workshop.


So I sat down and worked out a quick design.

socks wip

Now I’m having so much fun carving the lino… I just hope I avoid my hand and fingers. Those instruments are sharp!