Because today is a sad day…

I was saddened to read that Cecil had died... That he had been hunted and killed. The problem is that it wasn't done because he was a problem, or a killer, or that he had done anything other than be a successful lion. Instead, he was killed simply because he was a lion. Maybe the… Continue reading Because today is a sad day…

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What must it be like?

Today I found myself wondering what it is like not to live without a mental disability. The last few days have been tough for me. My wonderful concoction of problems have been raising their heads and looking around. This means that I have found myself making silly mistakes, falling over and not wanting to socialise.… Continue reading What must it be like?


Drawing… Again…

It's been a busy few days and I have a real work bug going. This latest one is done on a slightly grainier paper in order to give a softer looks and I think it has worked well. 'Laughter' Pencil on heavyweight paper 21x30cm Prints are available here