Change is here

I hate change but I know that it has to happen and that it is normally for the good. Lately the change has been to do with my personal life rather than business.

Saying that though the book is coming along and the picture book is almost there. That means that as soon as they are ready I will need to open my own indie publishing house. I know it is a huge step.

I thought about what I wanted and realised that I could do what I truly want to if I took control. At the moment I have 3 full sized children’s books (middle grade), two novellas and a novel, all out with traditional publishers. The only problem with that is, well, it’s like dead stock.

If you ever manage a manufacturing business there is something called dead stock. It can be something as simple as a batch of toys that have yet to reach a shop, or, sale or return in a shop that doesn’t sell. It means that the product isn’t giving the return no matter how much work has been done.

That is what has happened with my books and novellas. They are finished but because they are waiting to see if anyone wants to publish them, they are not doing anything. I could give one of the novellas as a free book, and charge a small fee for the others, but instead they are stuck.

So what do I do? How do get around the dead stock, and the simple fact that traditional publishing is pretty much like searching for a needle in a haystack, a very large haystack?

That’s where the idea that I opened my own publishing house. I’ve looked into it and I think it is do-able. At first it will just be me, but if it goes will I’m hoping to open it up to others, maybe at some point next year.

Is it a big dream? Yes…

Do I think I can do it? Pass, but I’m going to give it a damn good try.

Illness and deadlines

They really don’t mix. It doesn’t matter what deadlines you have, once that temperature hits, there is no way you are going to meet it… I have been laid low by a case of tonsillitis that is threatening to become something worse.

The problem with that, is the simple fact, I managed to work Monday and I’m hoping to work tomorrow, but that is all. The rest of the week has been filled with tissues, coughing and temperatures. Still, I feel that I’m on the mend…

So next week I should be back to normal. Still, it is annoying that deadlines and illness can’t co-exist.

Nothing is ever easy….

Nothing is ever easy…. The next part of The Gone #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

I turn in a slow circle, keeping an eye out for the others getting too close.

“I’m scared,” Conor says. I give his slight frame a squeeze.

“Don’t worry,” I say. “We will be fine.”

“Where’s Max gone?”

“We have friends who are meant to be getting a helicopter ready.”

“Where are they?” Conor asks.

I nod toward the hangar. So far none of the others have noticed me or Conor but I know they will. I’m just glad that it isn’t a windy night. It is very still and that is helping us, stopping Conor’s almost human scent to spread. The problem is that no sooner have I thought it than an other turns and looks in my direction.

It lets out the mewling of a kitten and I wonder if there is a sort of language. I’m answered when five others turn and look in our direction.


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Some things are sent to try us…

Some things are sent to try us… Bitsy and Max start back to the airport. The next part of The Gone #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

I stand beside Conor and look out onto the street. In truth there isn’t much I can see, due to a hedge, but the figures moving around are visible.

“How long have they been there?” I ask.

“Since the sun started to go down,” Max says.

“We need to get out of here,” I say. Max meets my eyes and nods. The house isn’t secure and I want to get Conor out of the place. He doesn’t need to be here, with his parents dead upstairs.

“You didn’t change,” Max says.

Conor doesn’t look at me, but I glance down. Up to now I just haven’t. My jeans are covered in blood. Mel’s blood.


I move at super-fast speed and go upstairs. I don’t look at Mel, I just reach her wardrobe and take a pair of trousers and a long sleeved top. I step over Philip and start…

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