Doors and Darkness

Doors and darkness. Bitsy takes a step away from Max.

The Gone

She looks at me, shocked, as if I am doing something stupid. I probably am but it has got to be done. I don’t think she or Max have realised just how dangerous our position is. But I have to know what is happening and if the WHO is still there.

Dee points at an outside door. It looks more like a window but I can see a handle. “Are you sure?” she asks, some of her bluster gone.

“Yes.” I start toward it and then stop. “If I’m not back in a couple of hours lock yourselves away.”

“Why?” Max asks. I notice that he is now standing and trying to leave the table, but Dee has a hold on his arm.

“The glass,” I say.

“What about it?”

I sigh. “How many were in the car park? How many are hiding in houses? They are all going to…

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A trying time

I am finding everything a little difficult at the moment. Maybe it is the deadlines or the stress of family or the simple fact that for the last three weeks my life has been booked solid. I mean I have loved doing everything but now I just want to be able to get a whole day sitting at the keyboard and writing. Instead I’m faced with a future of half days as other responsibilities crowd into my life.

The first thing that was a problem to keep up with was ‘The Gone’. Don’t worry I am still working on it and I have a tentative launch date of Christmas, but the blog posts have dropped off. I don’t have writer’s block or any problems, but I have a serious lack of time. I will get a blog post up today though.

Then there is the anthology. It is all planned out and going well, but I need to be able to sit down and get a good stretch of time to write a few more stories. 

I think, if anything, I feel frustrated that I have so much on the go and not enough time to do it. I could extend my hours but that is counterproductive. If I get tired then my dyslexia plays up and my eyes double, and… well, lets just say it is a mess. 

So the only thing to do is suck it up, and, as my editor would say, put my big girl pants on. 🙂 Everything will get back to normal soon. I just have to hang in there until it does, 



So, the new A3 scanner arrived… When I say new I mean it is new to me. It has actually been bought for a company that sells off old office equipment. It is an Epson GT-15000 and although it isn’t going to win any beauty contests it is brilliant. But then I’ll let you be the judge – this new drawing has not be photoshopped at all!


Tiger Yawning

Dyspraxia, Writing and Drawing

I fell today – not a bad fall. But it hurt, and still does. The problem with dyspraxia is that you have no balance. You don’t put a foot wrong, it is just that you fall. Today it was a change in surface. I went from grass to walking on wood and bang… I’m on my knees. So one bruised hand later I am picking myself up, pleased that the raspberries I was picking are unhurt. The bushes survived as well. My shoulder is complaining mind, but that is okay. I’m happy that I bounced again.

The good news is that I am losing weight. So my ability to bounce has increased. Hopefully by the time I am down to where I want to be I will not only bounce but spring up from the ground without a scratch… Possibly?

Anyway I have been having an issue with work balance. You see a load of people wanted to see my drawings, but here is the kicker… In the exhibitions so far, what has been the best seller?

I thought it’d be cards – nope.

Prints? – not at all.

Originals? – Not even one.

So what?



Books – my best seller to date is books. In fact I am sold out of The Phantom Horse and have got to pop in another order.

I’m shocked but it has made me re-evaluate my day. I love to draw but I can’t spend six hours a day on it. Instead I have got to spend more time writing. That is where the money appears to lie. So I will keep up with the drawing but I am not an Artist and Writer…

Instead I’m a Writer and Artist. 

Still can’t believe that my books outsell the art. I think I’m in shock…

The Key

Is Max the key to it all? And can Bitsy trust Dee? The next part of Chapter 6 of The Gone.

The Gone

“You can’t,” Dee says. “There is no fixing this.” All the fight has left her and she is just staring at the table.

“But Max is immune. Surely we can find someone to fix this,” I say.

Dee just shakes her head. “Not for those already infected. I don’t think they will ever come back.” She glances at the door and I wonder if she was close to Robert.

“Sorry,” Max says.

I blink. Of all the inadequate words…

“Don’t be,” Dee snaps. “Somehow to think that this was an attack makes me feel a little better, that it was done for a purpose, no matter how misguided. But instead you say sorry, as though you did it on a whim.” She looks away in disgust. I can see why she would think this but I can’t accept it. If anything I am comforted that Max may realise that he…

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