Life’s Lemons

So, lately I have been having dyslexia problems and I thought – that’s it, I must have had all the bad for the moment. Nope. I spoke too soon.

After a midnight coughing fit I sprained a rib. That doesn’t sound too bad? Well, it might not have been but in classic ‘Kate-fashion’ I decided to tough it out.

“Shouldn’t you go to the doctor?” Mum asked.

“No, it’ll get better soon.”

I don’t know whether it was digging the vegetable patch over or cutting out fabric, but somewhere along the line I made the situation worse. So much so that three days after the problem began I could barely move. So Iย jumped stepped gingerly into the car and went to the doctor.

“Sprained rib,” he said, grinding a knuckle into my side and making me see flashing lights.

I understand he was making sure it wasn’t broken but still, ouch!

So I go get my painkillers and take one immediately. The rest of the day I am walking like a little old lady.

Today I decided to do some gentle potting up and working in the garden. To make sure I’d be fine I took my painkillers. And yes I was aware that I was just masking the pain but there were jobs that needed to be done. So, the tomatoes got planted into the greenhouse and I put in a slew of spinach seeds, and by the end of the morning I was tired.

I wasn’t paying attention.

Our vegetable patch is much lower than the house so you have to walk up. Normally not a problem but today I was puffing a bit.

I really wasn’t looking where I was going.

My dog, Meg, loves to dig holes. I put my foot in one of the holes and fell. I actually caught myself before I hit the ground. Staggering to the left and putting a mass of pressure on my sprained rib, something went ‘clunk’. It wasn’t a noise as much as a release of pressure.

And that was that. Since then there have been no painkillers. My side is sore but not the all-encompassing pain it had been.

So my advice to those who think they have had enough of the bad – don’t fill in the holes, they might just be your salvation. ๐Ÿ™‚

Megad and Pi
Meg – the hole digger – and her best pal, Pi.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – worse caseย scenario.


21 thoughts on “Life’s Lemons

  1. Oh wow, it sounds like your rib joint clicked back in place, how great, it was you lucky day. Good story ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh I know. I love painkillers in small doses. I would never have fallen in the hole without them… Otherwise I’d have been watching my step far too well.

      I’m a sufferer of migraines and know that I couldn’t cope at times without painkillers. I just hate being dependent on them.

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