Zombie Days 2

Today I feel a little more like: (The image comes from here which has a great article on where the zombie came from and their history...) But for some unknown reason these are hurting:   But apart from that I am feeling:

Short Stories


As a child I would sit still and quiet. In a room of adults I could disappear. They would talk around me and forget. Preferably there would be a chair that would stop them from seeing me. They'd forget and I would hear. The whispers and secrets I collected. I never used them I just… Continue reading Whispers

Short Stories

First Life

The sign read: closed for a year. Nettie sighed and turned to her companion. “I’m not sure about this.” The big brown eyes looked at her with compassion. Of course compassion was really the only expression Ellie had, but for a moment Nettie was grateful. “If I go you will have to go into storage.”… Continue reading First Life