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How many hours a day do I fritter away looking at or posting on social media? Yesterday I worked out that if you added it all together it was three… Three hours I could be writing!

But would I? If you are a writer you’ll know that if you write constantly at one story you can become befuddled. Sometimes I can feel like I am coming out of a deep sleep when I’m finished – an almost drugged feeling. But I find that if I interspersed my day with social media I can stop this from happening.

I use social media as an advertisement. Even this blog is so that people know me, so, should I ever get published and a follower walks past a bookshop and sees my book they can say – “I know her.” Consequently I try to be as honest as I can with posts and I don’t lie or make up publications or news. In fact if anything I keep it all quiet until I am certain something is happening.

So that’s the blog – a way to share me as a writer. Then there is Facebook. Here I post the day-to-day stuff. What I’m up to and how things are going. With writing that can mean there are very few posts. If it has taken two days to write a chapter then I don’t post more than one comment saying so. But it also gives me an idea who reads my work. I also link the blog posts in.

Twitter… For a dyslexic this is the worst social media. It is fast and packed full of people. Posts can flash up and then away leaving me feeling a little dizzy. I use this to publicise the blog and it is where I have most followers. If I do post it is about a moment. Something that has just happened.

I asked a publisher once if it was beneficial to have an author who had a social media backing. They didn’t quibble – yes was the answer.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because it helps with marketing.”

This I was a little upset by. “Is it not the publishers job to find the market?” I asked and then wondered it I’d shot myself in the foot about being published by this particular house.

“It is, but it’s nice to know where to start.”

I’d give a blank look. They had gone on to explain that if you could let a publisher or agent know who read you, what age bracket they were in and what sex they were (predominantly) they could spend the marketing budget better.

So I use social media not only to improve my profile but also, so that when I get published, I can say to them – don’t blanket the market, lets look at these in detail. Of course readers change and markets shift but it’s a start.

Don’t forget self publishing as well. If you are marketing your own book you are 100% relying on your social media in order to market your book.

On a completely different note – I just love to write and blogging gives me a bite-sized writing fix to get me through the rest of the day. 🙂

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