Where I write

I taught a workshop recently and the students filed in all rigid and school-like. So after doing the beginning spiel I told them to go find a comfy spot to write. We were in the founders library in the university so they could sit in the leather seats or lie on the floor – anything. The odd thing was that only two opted for a table and chair, the rest sat on the floor or lounged on a sofa. One girl pushed four upright chairs together and lay across them.

My writing is a little more conservative. During the day I have a desk in the corner of the workshop and in the evening the laptop is perched on my lap. I have been known to ignore the movie on and just continue to write, but otherwise I just shut the lid and then go back to it after.

I do hand-write with a fountain pen and I can do that anywhere; in the house, outside, the library… Anywhere.

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