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Inspiring Quote

There are lots of quotes out there but I have chosen one that made me hit pause on the movie it was on and just stare around. My parents were also watching and they looked at me.

“Tea, then?” Mum asked.

It is something we all do, an intermission of sorts. Once we press pause we set about doing tasks. A cup of tea and the poultry being shut inside to prevent the fox causing havoc. In the winter this involves the dogs being let out for a run, but in the summer the door is never closed.

“Um, yeah,” I said, a little bemused. Had they not heard? The problem was that the phrase was a huge leap for me but for no one else. So my quote is:

I don’t care what you believe in. Just believe in it.

Shepard Book

Any Sci-fi fans will recognise the quote or the character. It is from the film ‘Serenity’ and I think wonderfully profound for a science fiction film.

So, I decided then and there, while making tea, that I would believe that I was a writer, no matter what. And ever since then I have written. I was writing before this but I hadn’t thought of the writing as work. Now I do.

I am a writer, good or bad, and when people ask – what do you do? I answer first that I am a writer. This is my career choice and I believe in it.

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