A typical day

You may or may not know that I run a soft toy company… and when I say ‘run’ I mean, I am the sole worker, manager and designer. So my typical day is:

9 am – Wake up (I am not an early type of person)

9.15 – Have breakfast (usually cooked. Helping to run a smallholding does mean there are always eggs)

9.45 – Pick up the laptop which has migrated to the living room and trundle it out to the unit. Plug it in as there won’t be any battery left. Connect to the internet via my wonderful new connection. Then walk away while it boots up.

Go to the kitchen (my unit is at the bottom of the garden) and fill up a large bottle with water.

Go back to the unit and package up all the toys that are ready to go. Grab my keys and head for the post office.

I’m fairly rural so it takes a while but I’m back in half an hour.

Make tea.

Take it into the unit and write a blog post.

11 am to 2 pm – make toys.

2 pm – have lunch.

2.30 to 11 pm – write and squeeze in dinner and other bits like showering and crochet (I’m working on a blanket).

I should warn you that this is an ideal day and very rarely works like this. Sometimes I have to work to 6 pm on the toys and other times I get to write all day. But this is a typical day.

There are bits missing like weeding and planting. Watering and animal husbandry, but it all gets done and finally when I sleep my list I started the day with is normally complete or almost so. Sometimes I even squeeze in a movie… or two…

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