Published by Ether Books

I have had a short story published by Ether Books… (Just click on the cover below.)


It is a horror/crime so expect a massive twist at the end.

All you have to view it, is download the app to your phone or tablet. Thanks and Enjoy. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Published by Ether Books

  1. Is it only available on mobile? Can your story be read on the computer? Maybe it’s just me being a bit tech challenged at the moment but I got as far as the Itunes download page and thought it was only asking for mobile info.

    1. I’m afraid the app is only available through the android or iphone market. If you go the the market (there should be a link on your phone or tablet) and put into the search ‘ether books’ it will come up with a free app (about 3.5mb) and click on it to download. It will ask it you accept and click on yes. Then the app will download onto your phone or tablet.

      Once it is installed search for ‘Kate Murray’ or ‘Vanilla and Caramel’ and you will find the story.

      It is all free so you don’t have to pay anything and you gain access to loads of other free stories as well. If you are a big reader (I know I am) then give it a go. I’ve read 6 since yesterday…

      1. Unfortunately I don’t have a droid or a tablet. Maybe someday, but right now I can’t even afford a new $50 phone. When the one I was using broke I had to go back to an old one that I got rid of last year.

      2. It’s the only thing I find annoying about ether books – the fact they don’t do a computer application. The story is up for a competition with Twisted Tales so if it wins (or comes close) you will be able to see it and eventually it will be in a collection of short stories – I’ll keep you posted on what happens. Sorry about not being able to see it.

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