My Favourite Film Character

Last night I saw ‘The Life of Pi’ and I really liked it. I had thought at the time that it would be difficult to adapt a literary book into a movie but it was done effortlessly. I was left smiling and thinking – “Oh! Now I get it!” And I agree with the writer as to which tale is the best.

If you haven’t seen the movie then the last sentence might be a bit cryptic, all I can say is – go watch it.

But Pi nor his tiger, John Parker, are my favourite film characters. I actually have more than one. Which I think is healthy – after all if they had already created the perfect character I wouldn’t be able to invent better ones for my stories. ( I think this is me dreaming again but as most writers have a problem with reality – so do I. )

Anyway here are my top 3:

  1. First there is Clive Owen in ‘The Inside Man’. He plays Dalton Russell and he plans the perfect bank robbery. He is an impersonal character that spends the movie calm and in charge. Brilliant plot twists that could only be implemented by this character type.
  2. Mr Earl Brooks in ‘Mr Brooks‘ played by Kevin Costner and of course his alter-ego Marshal played bu John Hurt. They are essentially the same character but different. If you haven’t seen it – get a copy. A brilliant serial killer.
  3. This is my most loved character. The others are good and intellectual but this man is just fun. Mal Reynolds played by Nathan Fillion in the series of ‘Firefly‘ and the film ‘Serenity‘. This character is fun and yet serious and has a wonderful turn of phrase. If you are looking for a series or film that is fun in a cowboy/sci-fi way, then look at these. The filming is relaxed and the script effortless. But then what do you expect from Joss Whedon.

Those are my favourite and I recommend all the movies. Enjoy. I have noticed that they are all men but, well, what can I say.

*rolls her eyes and looks at the ceiling*

Maybe I picked then for their characters and …. 🙂

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Film Character

  1. Inside Man is one of my favourite films (although I don’t think Jodie Foster’s character adds anything to anything). As for Firefly…it is perfection in both storytelling and characterisation, by which I mean, I love it and Serenity (another of my favourite films). And all the characters are fantastic!

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