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Why I write

Well, if you look at my record you would think it is for the rejection letters and emails! I don’t like them but every writer has to cope with them. The submissions I hate are the ones that don’t send anything – there is just – silence. You are stuck as a writer in limbo, knowing that the story you have is good but not knowing if you can submit it again.

I don’t do multiple submissions just in case more than one person want the same story – that could get interesting and difficult… Who do you choose? I do realise that it is unlikely but you never know… 🙂

So, when I am not floating in writing limbo, I am writing as much as I can. There are two reasons for this:

  1. I have to write. I get maniacal without it and the voices get very loud. These aren’t voices telling me what to do but characters telling me about themselves. The plots and twists mix together into a headache soup that doesn’t go away until I write. Either on the computer or with a fountain pen. Yes – really – a fountain pen. I love the old-fashioned feel of it.
  2. I love to write. I smile and laugh as the characters cavort around me. I cry as they die or are left alone and I mourn their passing. And throughout the whole lot I lose time. Completely. I will sit as the computer and start and then – get lost – and suddenly it is dinner time or I need to turn the light on because the sun has disappeared. It can be one page or ten, I become so absorbed that I hear or see nothing else.

I have noticed though that I have changed since writing. I used to tell stories, all the time, whether the person wanted me to or not. My dyslexia was a problem that held me back, not so any more. Now, I am quieter. I will sit and watch and I don’t talk much. Instead I will listen. I feel more complete because I write.

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