Masters tales

A Challenge

I have been thinking about doing another challenge. You may have noticed that I dropped the ball on the loglines last month. This was because I was up to my eyeballs in work. But this month I really wanted to look at the reason I got into writing. And Michelle Goode has issued a challenge called #wpad so I am accepting and, hopefully, I’m going to to finish this month.

So the first – What I write…

Well I began as a children’s writer – as in that was my first idea. But the first thing I got published was a horror story. This actually took me by surprise – I mean, I make soft toys for a living so the logical thing for me to write would be children’s books.

Except it hasn’t turned out that way. Instead I find that I am drawn to the mystery and the horror of adult fiction.

Except I am also turned to the ideas for children’s books and fairy tales…

So I find that I am pulled in two different directions. The solution? To write both.

My dissertation is a horror/mystery/romance for the adult audience but I am also writing a middle fiction book for children. And I love doing both. Some days, as I sit at my desk, I find that I am drawn to my childish side and at others I want to delve into the world of blood and gore. So I go with the mood.

My only issue is whether to write under a different name for the two different types of books.

But I love the writing of short stories – this blog has more than 35…  They are almost always adult fiction but they can be a romance, horror, mystery or crime, really anything that I take a fancy to write.

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