Masters tales

Two Identities

I write in two different ways and I am confused as to whether to pursue one or the other, or both. This blog is my serious side but I also write for children and am in the process of being published. I am also thinking of a series of middle grade books based in Wales.


But there is also the work I do for university which is where my horror / crime side comes out.

I have been advised to pick a genre and write about it exclusively for about three to four years… Except that I want to write both. I thought about using a different name…

But I like my own and I don’t want to confuse anyone.

So there is now way round it – I’m going to have to write both at the same time. Still I am concerned and a little confused about it. All I can do is what come naturally and try to write what I want.

So this means that there is now a horror / thriller / crime novel on the go…

And a child’s middle grade book.

Wish me luck – I have a feeling that I’m going to be busy…!

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