Logline 13 – Musical

This is an idea I have been playing around with for a child / young adult book, so…



Francine was born into a silent world. She is completely deaf but unlike others she is never fitted with any hearing device. She lives in a house where she is hidden away, her parents ashamed of their deformed daughter. Not only is she deaf but she has no ears at all. Francine knows she is different and she knows that her ears are not there, so she grows her hair long. By the time social services find her she is ten and her hair sweeps the floor and is so blonde it looks white. Slowly they introduce her to sound through vibration but they are shocked when she first sings. Francine has perfect pitch and by ‘listening’ to the vibrations through her bare feet she can sing notes. Now she must learn to speak and understand what is being said to her. In the home she meets two friends, together they help Francine, but her parents are out to recapture their child and the prospect that she might become a well-known singer fills them with dread.

Francine must keep ahead of her parents and cope with her new life. Throughout it all she sings and those that here her find themselves entranced.


Francine is born deaf and hidden away, escaping she hears her first music by feeling vibrations. Copying them she sings and suddenly she is thrust into fame, but her parents are determined to find her and silence her.

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