Logline 12 – Fresh Start

The number of stories in just these two words are overwhelming. But I think I will concentrate on getting a fresh start. How bad would life have to be in order for someone to just walk away…

Open Road


Abby turned on the radio, happy to hear the heavy thump from a rock song. This time would be better. This time she would not fall for the first guy. She would put down roots, she wouldn’t make the same mistakes. She looked into the rear-view mirror, behind her was Joel with his heavy hands and false smile. Ahead of her were blue skies and the promise of a fresh start.

Hell’s Creek lay ahead and Abby’s new life. Unfortunately she was driving into a Hell-on-earth where murder would be the least of her worries.


Abby is running from an abusive relationship and she hopes that the open road will clear her head and give her a fresh start, but she is heading for Hell’s Creek, a place that lives up to its name.

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