Logline 11 – Train Robbery

A train robbery… Well, there is the great train robbery but they’ve already made a film of that.

Train RobberyIn fact a couple of films… So I thought about going about it more abstractly.

TrainThis is a solid gold train that was exhibited in a 2010 Train Show. What if this was stolen?


The group had made the train over the last two years and it had sat unguarded in a workshop. It was fully working and a true example of artistry. But it was due to be exhibited. Dr Garth John wanted that train, but no matter how much he offered the syndicate would not sell it. He knew that the money for it’s manufacture and design had come from crime but he didn’t think anything of it. Louise Alexander is his thief and it is up to her to get the train. But as things get sticky and the crime lords begin to investigate him and Alex Garth realises he would sacrifice the train for her safety.


Garth John wants a train and Louise Alexander steals it for him. Now the underworld of both Chicago and London are after them and they must run to survive.


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