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Dissertation 3

Surprisingly the first chapter is written – :O Was it easy?

Hell no! I sweated over this. It was a labour to get out onto the page. But it wasn’t the planning or the content that got me. It was the expectation.

I have a number of people who read my work – because of the dyslexia I have support workers who make sure that the work isn’t riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes. And it is this that got me stumped. I am on the road for getting a decent MA and I want this to be my best work yet.

But that means I have built up a huge amount of pressure… It’s my own fault but I am now in a loop of writing, stopping, reading, worrying, writing a bit more, stopping… Well, you get the idea.

I have refused to go into the rewriting trap of always altering the same paragraph but the hope of the story tripping off the end of my pencil is not going to happen. I may find it easier with the other chapters but at the moment it is the case of gritting my teeth and just getting on with it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dissertation 3

  1. I wanted to start the first chapter of my own dissertation today but due to total lack of inspiration I started to read wordpress… and I came across this post! I guess I can’t run away from it… :p

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