Logline 7 – Stolen

This is an excellent prompt… Stolen… What is stolen? Who is stolen? Is it a romance or a thriller or a crime? The questions are endless. And I’ve got to choose one.

There is the stealing of a child – but I don’t want to do a story about that. Lately in Wales the stealing of children has been in the limelight and I want to steer clear of it. The stealing of a heart… Cliche much?

Okay try this:


Jessica loved her granddad so when he passed away she was devastated. In his will he left her a book and the specific instructions to take off the back cover, except when she gets it there is no back cover. She must find the cover and the person who took it. Her Granddad had said all her wishes would be answered if she followed the key.


Jessica’s Granddad died poor except for an ancient book, one he said held the key but the back cover has been ripped from the binding. Jessica must find the thief and the cover in order to fulfill all her dreams and follow her Granddad’s wishes.

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