Logline 6 – Winning Numbers

Today’s prompt is  – winning numbers – which could mean a number of things. The first that comes to mind has to be winning the lottery or lotto. Except that seems too obvious. I then got thinking about the movies I have watched recently. One of them was Mr Brooks and The Watcher – both about serial killers and I love the horror genre so I thought… what about your number being up. I mean we don’t see it as a winning number but when your number is up, as the saying goes, you are dead…

I have not done well with the last few loglines, which although decent blurbs are not technically loglines, so today I’m going to write the story twice. Once as the long version and the other as a more condensed logline…

Winning Numbers


A long skeletal finger ran down a list of names. Beside each was a number and as the finger passed the number counted down. One name had a zero but the owner of the finger sneezed and continued, passing the name… Although Rhiannon Davies doesn’t know it, she is on borrowed time. Death has missed her and she has a winning number. Now if she can survive for the next twelve months she becomes immortal. Ash watches Rhiannon from afar, a can of sneezing powder clutched in his hand. He knows he is destined to be with her and he will do anything to keep her, even defying death and the fates. But the road won’t be easy for them as the gods wake up to a kink in the chain of reality, a kink that is Rhiannon.


Ash is a demi-god and destined to live as an immortal. His love is a human mortal and he will do anything to keep them together, even defying death and the fates. Rhiannon Davies knew the day she was to die because her aunt with the sight had told her so and when the time passes she realises that something is wrong or very right, she must decide which.

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