Logline 5 – Record Holder

So this had me confused… Is it a record holder as in a person who holds a record, or is it a thing that holds records? So I did what any confused person would do and Googled it.

I do find it great that Google is a verb.

So what came up were record holders – basically boxes that hold vinyl records. And that got me thinking about people who walk around with these boxes. And they are boxes with handles. What if a story occurred, not because of a record holder but despite it.


Nelson knew he was different; he could sometimes see the future, but it was sporadic and happened at the oddest times. After saving up for a week he had just bought a carrier for his record collection when one of his ‘episodes’ occurred. He saw a woman’s house where she was knocked down by a car. He knew in which direction to go and set out at a run, knowing he had to make it but worrying he wouldn’t.

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