Logline 4 – Booby Trap

The first thing that came into my head was The Goonies, okay so I’m a bit of a nerd… Then I started to think about it in terms of traps. One thing that come to my mind was Mousetrap the game. This led me to thinking of games and a conversation I had seen on Facebook between a group of my friends. Basically they were telling of their ghostly goings on with toys. Basically some children’s toys will turn on even when not being played.

They were discussing ghostly goings on but the reality is that the batteries are going. The big toys that contain a lot electronics will turn on as their batteries run down. This got me thinking… So…

The Booby Trap

The box says it is a child’s game and it was bought for Sophie as joke, but on the first night the game wakes up. It assembles itself and begins it’s business; to trap the unwary. Sophie is caught in a game with no end and the only way she can escape is to find the games-master, who happens to be the person who bought her the game and the one person she never wants to see again, let alone talk to.

This story could get dark… I’m not sure though.

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