Masters tales

Inspiration 5

It has got to be the ghost story… At the moment a lot of people are asking for ghost stories so I’ve got to write a couple very soon. It is difficult though if you have nothing more than ‘ghost story’ as a starting point.

In this case I have used ‘ghost’ loosely to involve horror. I’m not talking gore and horror but scares and horror.

So what scares me? Well it has to be different from the norm; a scary sound or movement in the corner of your eye. This time I thought absence, the feeling of nothingness. Imagine you live a normal life but one day a friend says, come and spend a holiday with us. It doesn’t matter what holiday, but if I make it a cheery holiday then the absence will be more notable. So the character goes to the house, I’m making it remote, but on arrival there is no one there…

I could go on and explain what happens but that would be giving the game away. But there is no blood, no gore, and no pursuit, yet I hope it is creepy if not scary.

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