Masters tales

Two sides to every story

I was writing the other day and I realised that I had written two stories about the same subject. One story took the view of a killer and the very matter-of-fact way in which he kills, but the other story was from the point of view of someone being preyed upon. I hadn’t realised that they were the same until I was putting them together for a submission.

I have sent them as a pair and I am curious as to which will be chosen – if any… I am not holding my breath – but still I don’t know which is the better story. I know that I enjoyed writing both, but for different reasons. The point-of-view of the killer was fun to do because I got into a brain that is so different and the task was to make the reader like the man before I reveal him to be a killer. Think Mr Brooks – excellent movie. I definitely recommend it.

Whereas the other is about fear and generating tension. This was enjoyable too but I found I was scaring myself. I tried to put every scary experience I have had into that story, but when someone else read it the only impression was “creepy”. I’m not sure all the layers are there for anyone else except me. Still I think it is a decent enough story.

I just find it odd that it is the same story but from different viewpoints. Does anyone else do this?

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