Masters tales

Regency – background

Why write about regency? Well, I came across a programme on the BBC and it was so good on re-creating how things are that I thought I’d share it.

Have a look, but it is on BBC iplayer so at some point the link will stop working.

Even if you don’t want to write about regency at the moment have a look. I was astonished, the reconstruction was so good that it brings the era to life. One thing I did find out is that the dances are a minimum of 6 minutes long and very tiring (even for the professional dancers on the film). Also the meals are chaotic. I always think of regency as very regimented but all the food is put on the table at the same time and you just reach across and help yourself.

The whole ball is about status. It is colourful and chaotic. There is also a huge quantity of alcohol moving around. Yes that is even in the reconstruction.

It is worth a watch, I sat with a notepad taking everything down, just in case I ever write anything set in the regency period.


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