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To publish or not to publish

That is the question!

And it really is. I counted up and there are over 35 stories on this blog! True most of them are small, more like flash fiction, but a couple are quite long. I was scrolling through and I realised that you can’t find them easily, unless you follow my blog and get updates. So people might miss them.

Now I know I am assuming that people (namely those of you reading this) will want to read my stories, and it might not be the case, but I was thinking of bringing out a kindle book with all of them on. Of course I wouldn’t charge for it. The book will just be an e-book of short stories, all of them free. It’ll be more like a compilation of the blog stories that can be downloaded and read when you want rather than by scrolling through the blog.

I’m just not certain. I feel like it’s a little pretentious. I am in two minds at the moment. One part of me says yes, do it. You have to start somewhere. And the other keeps saying that all I am doing is showing off and I ought to wait for that publishing contract. The trouble is that publishers actually want pro-active writers. Is this not a little too pro-active though?

I will keep you posted as to my decision…


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