Masters tales

Inspiration 3

This weeks short story for the course had to be based on a character who was remembering his/her father-in-law who had suffered from Polio.

So I thought:

Polio – school… When I had been in school we had a teacher who had suffered from polio as a child. She walked with sticks.

This led me to vaccines and the recent outbreak of measles in Wales, UK , due to a number of children not being immunised.

This led back to disease and how people can die from it.

This made me think of the spanish flu that occured in 1918.

CampFunstonKS-InfluenzaHospitalWhich in turn led me to thinking about the Plague…

Great_plague_of_london-1665And I got to thinking – what would happen if you suffered from the black death but today… And it was crossed with Spanish flu…

Next thing I know, I have written a dystopian short story centered around a character who survives a modern plague, but the government response is the same as it had been in 1665. It’s a fairly decent story and I am sending it out to a competition. Everything’s crossed. 🙂


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