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Open Mic – Chinwag

Well, I did it! I was amazed! I actually got up and told everyone a story. It was a fairly controversial story and at the right moment I got a gasp and then at the end a pause. Only a small pause and then applause. I think I even heard one whoop…

At the time I couldn’t take it all in but later as I drove home I was able to analyse it all and I think it went well.

Rhian Edwards, poet in residence at the Aberystwyth Arts Center, organised an open mic session (on the 19th of April) and I decided to go. I was meant to meet up with others from my course but unfortunately they didn’t make it. It didn’t matter though as I met some others I knew. So I am a little anxious and to make matters worse I am in the second half, but I sit with a bottle of water and my story clutched in my hand. I had a full five minutes I could fill. So I read. And people clapped. I shook. Literally.

To tell you the truth it passed in a bit of a haze. Will I do it again? Yes, and next time I don’t think I will be as scared. The audience didn’t bite and the people made me feel at ease, so all I can say is bring on the open mic sessions! Those that let you read short stories. I’m not sure my poems are good enough yet.

If you are local then the next session is on the 29th of May – see you there! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Open Mic – Chinwag

    1. It was. But at the time also very scary! I am hooked though and it has helped as I have now got to do a reading at the Dylan Thomas Centre and I’m not that worried about it. Without the open mic I think I may have declined.



      1. They say more people are afraid of public speaking than dying! I know these kinds of fears are best overcome by just getting up in front of people and slugging through the problem!

        I wish you the very best with your reading!

        Take care,

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