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Guest Writer – Rhian Edwards

Rhian Edwards came and gave a lecture on poetry at Trinity Saint David, Lampeter, last Wednesday. Now I am not one for the poetry but this lecture blew me away.

It began fairly normally enough with Rhian running through poetry performance and how to find out where to do it. It was interesting and helpful. She moved on to touch on self promotion. In particular business cards.

Now I know it’s odd but I haven’t got any business cards for the writing. I have them for the toys – two varieties. Both with little pictures of soft toys on them. But for writing… well I hadn’t really thought about it. So I sat wanted to find out what to put on. After all you don’t want it to look like you’re bragging or anything.

So she suggested that the first thing is a photo. I grimaced. I don’t like my photo being taken but thanks to a wonderful cousin I do have one shot I use on everything. Then your name, email, twitter, blog and contact details. Rhian said that the best was a telephone number, as if you have an agent or publisher wanting to contact you they may want to do it immediately. Then a list of things you do. So for mine I thought: shorts stories, novel, screenwriter. Anyway I have decided to get some printed up.

But she also did a workshop with us and I actually wrote some half-way decent poetry! She told us to pick an emotion and then create the poem by giving the emotion:

  1. colour
  2. smell
  3. animal
  4. visual
  5. effect on body
  6. textures
  7. sounds

I’d like to give you a preview of the poem but I think it might be good enough for a competition so I’ll have to keep it to myself. If it doesn’t make it I’ll share – promise.

At the beginning of the workshop I argued that I couldn’t work out how to make the lines work with the words. My poor dyslexic brain just wouldn’t do the two. She said – then don’t. Just write a continuous piece and put the lines in after.

So I did and voila – a poem. I was amazed and pleased. Perhaps I can now add poetry writing to what I do. I’ll have to practice some first though.

So to Rhian Edwards, award-winning poet and poet in residence at Aberystwyth University, I tip my hat and say thanks. I really enjoyed the session and I love the poem I created. 🙂


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