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A dilemma

So my problem is this – I try to write everyday on the blog (even putting a story a day) but because I’ve been ill and am only just getting over it I haven’t been. Now I have a load of readers out there, at least more than ten, and I don’t want to disappoint. But at the same time I have lots of writing projects on the go.

What do I do? Do I struggle through with the writing a story a day, knowing that other projects will stumble or do I write a couple of stories a month and keep working on the projects?

It’s a dilemma…

I have a screenplay that I need to write as part of my course which is fun and difficult at the same time. I’m also trying to write a collection of short stories for publication and my dissertation idea has started to take shape. The last one is yelling at me to start research and on top of all that I have got to run a business. Whew!

I think this may be a rant… I don’t mean to rant, but sometimes I forget why I write. Perhaps it’s the dyslexia or just the fact I get lost in the process of doing things. Us, dyslexics do love routine and any break can be difficult, even if it is forced on us by a temperature. I love writing but I’m going to have to put all my attention on different things, I have to prioritize otherwise nothing will get done and I’ll end up with masses of unfinished projects.

So the plan is to write as much as I can – publish at least one story a week on the blog and continue with furthering the other projects. It all has to be done but I’m just going to write myself back into a sick-bed if I try to do everything.

Okay. Rant over. I’m calm now. Who needs a shrink when you can have a blog. 🙂

One thought on “A dilemma

  1. When I first embarked on this social entrepreneur journey my head was full of ideas for different projects. The number of dyslexics I have talked with who are just bursting at the seems with lots of great ideas. But there are running very fast and getting nowhere. I tried to chase and work on all these ideas inside my head. I ended up working very hard but achieving very little. Then I sat down and started to actually write down all these ideas on to paper. Getting things out of our heads and on to paper makes them more tangible and more workable. I then started to prioritise these ideas, what were the most do able? What was going to generate income the quickest etc. Then I started to set myself do-able goals short, medium and long term. Give yourself weekly goals but remember you cannot work on everything at the same time. I don’t think we dyslexics relate to time very well at all. That’s why we struggle with things like keeping appointments etc. Time is linear concept and we are lateral thinkers lol. As with all things dyslexic we have to explore ways of doing things that work for us. Solutions to your issues my only work for you. Do some research on learning styles see if you can get some ideas on ways of working that work with your dyslexic brain more effectively and efficiently.

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