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Sonnets and rhyming

24th October 2012 Rhyming - the bane of my life... Sometimes I can barely find the right word let alone get the thing to rhyme with its neighbour. So it was with a heavy heart I went into the Sonnet lesson, but I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed myself. Now I'm not saying I am… Continue reading Sonnets and rhyming

Dyslexic tales · Masters tales


17th October 2012 Today I became totally overwhelmed... It started fine; I got up, had breakfast, did some work on a story, got in the car... and then things slowly started to go pear-shaped. Firstly the weather was terrible, not a problem in itself until the branch that had, up to that moment, been hanging… Continue reading Overwhelmed

Dyslexic tales · Masters tales

Coping strategies the university provided without realising it

3rd October 2012 First day... Did I sleep? Course not. The usual questions were running through my head. Will I keep up? Will I be liked (this is an anxiety I get)? Will I understand what they are talking about? Now don't get me wrong I had tried to alleviate the fears. Firstly by getting… Continue reading Coping strategies the university provided without realising it